The second episode of the mini-series focuses on ‘fake news’ and the evolution of misinformation within media and social media. This episode showcases an interview with Professor Charlie Beckett, the founding director of Polis which is a think-tank for research and debate around international journalism in the Department of Media and Communications at the LSE. Professor Beckett is also director of the Media Policy Project, Lead Commissioner for the LSE Truth, Trust & Technology Commission (T3) and a regular commentator on journalism and politics for the UK and international media. This discussion is followed by an interview with Professor Fil Menczer, professor of Informatics and Computer Science at Indiana University. Professor Menczer leads a research group called “Networks & agents Network” (NaN) that explores the modeling and spread of information and misinformation in social media. The episode concludes with Brenda Salinas with her professional perspective on the tech world and implications of ‘fake news’ on policy and journalism. Together we explore the crucial questions like: What is fake news? How has misinformation in the media evolved? What measures could stop the spread of misinformation and what is the role policymakers could play?