The first episode of the mini-series showcases an interview with Professor Kenneth Benoit, professor of Quantitative Social Research Methods at LSE and the current Director of the Social and Economic Data Science (SEDS) Research Unit. Professor Benoit’s research focuses on automated, quantitative methods of processing large amounts of textual and other forms of big data. This is followed by an interview with Professor Fil Menczer, professor of Informatics and Computer Science from the Indiana University. Professor Menczer leads a research group called “Networks & agents Network” (NaN) that explores the modeling, simulation, and analysis of complex social and information networks in conjunction with the real and artificial agents on these networks. The episode concludes with Brenda Salinas with her professional perspective on the tech world and implications of big data on policy. Together we explore the crucial questions like: What is big data? How big data is changing the political game? What are the tools and technologies out in the world that exploit big data?