Welcome back to the Public Sphere Podcast – an initiative by the Public Sphere Journal with the School of Public Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). The overarching theme of this mini-series is “Sustainable Communities.” We hope to develop a deeper understanding of sustainable communities, by going beyond environmental sustainability, and exploring the complexity of city development with public policy in discussing how mixed-income neighbors are more equitable and effective.

The sixth episode of this mini-series, “Understanding Sustainable Communities: a UN Perspective” is a conversation with Mrs. Paloma Toranzos, the Governance and Sustainable Development Programme Officer at the United Nations Development Programme Country Office in Chile. Mrs. Toranzos has years of experience working on development and environment, both from research and practice. She has been involved in relevant projects related to the improvement of local capacity to promote sustainable development, the improvement in the management of waste, and the conservation of areas rich in biodiversity, among many others.

Nicolás Benkel and Rahul Kumar join Mrs. toranzos for an interesting and insightful conversation about sustainable communities and the work of the UNDP, both in Chile in particular and in Latin-America in general. The discussion covers from the definition of the concept to the efforts of the UNDP to promote more a collaborative and inclusive development, where the public sector, the private sector and civil society all work towards sustainable goals. The conversation also includes some recommendations for future practitioners and researchers interested in development.