Welcome back to the Public Sphere Podcast – an initiative by the Public Sphere Journal with the School of Public Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). The overarching theme of this mini-series is “Sustainable Communities”. We hope to develop a deeper understanding of sustainable communities, by going beyond environmental sustainability, and exploring the complexity of city development with public policy in discussing how we can use nudge theory to help create more sustainable societies.

The third episode of this mini-series, “Nudging Towards Sustainability” showcases an interview with Professor Peter John from King’s College London and the author of “How Far to Nudge: Assessing Behavioural Public Policy” and “Nudge, Nudge, Think, Think: Using Experiments to Change Civic Behaviour”. His research focuses on understanding how governments and public agencies can do to encourage citizens to carry out acts of collective benefit and civic partnership.

This interview with John is followed by an interview with Job Krijnen, a postdoctoral researcher at the Behavioural Decision-Making department of UCLA Anderson School of Management and his research paper for the Behavioural Scientist, “Choice Architect 2.0”. His research focuses on the psychology of decision making and in how insights from behavioural science in general and decision making specifically can help policymakers craft better policy. Woradon Yomjinda and Mallory Smith come together again in this episode to ask important questions, especially on unintended consequences of nudging that policymakers have to be aware of and what recommendations they should have in their minds when they are making policy decisions.