Welcome back to the Public Sphere Podcast – an initiative by the Public Sphere Journal with the School of Public Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). The overarching theme of this mini-series is “Sustainable Communities”. We hope to develop a deeper understanding of sustainable communities, by going beyond environmental sustainability, and exploring the complexity of city development with public policy in examining the Mayor of London’s plans for the city to evolve into a 24-hour city. The second episode of this mini-series showcases an interview with Jenny McArthur, a lecturer in Urban Infrastructure and Policy and a researcher at City Leadership Lab at UCL. Her research focuses on understanding how cities can take the lead with regards to sustainable environmental and social issues and understanding how to develop an economy that is sustainable and inclusive. The interview with McArthur is followed by an interview with Professor Ricky Burdett, an author and professor of Urban Studies at LSE and the Director of LSE Cities and Urban Age Project. His research focuses on shaping an urban future and the urban present in such a way that it is both socially and environmentally more stable and more sustainable. Woradon Yomjinda and Mallory Smith come together in this episode to ask important questions, especially on how there is an opportunity to make London a sustainable development and a sustainable community that extends to Londoner’s changing lifestyle ensuring it is open and accessible to all.