The Public Sphere team, together with the LSE Africa Summit team, publishes an annual special edition journal dedicated to each year’s Africa Summit Research Conference. Here, you can read the full versions of the papers published in the journal.

LSE Africa Summit Edition 2016: Challenging Conventions

This special edition of the Public Sphere Journal is dedicated to the 2016 Africa Summit Research Conference, themed “Africa within a Global Context: Challenging Conventions”. For African countries to move forward, debates need to go beyond conventions and normative orientations about their position in the world. Papers published in this Journal have been selected as they portray practical debates that do so. By placing their stories, experiences and solutions at the forefront, Africans can become agents of their own change when dealing with the implications and opportunities of globalisation. The articles in this journal contribute to debates necessary for achieving the African Union’s ambitious vision by 2063: an Africa that is integrated, prosperous and at peace with itself.

NEW! Download the full journal publication here and the abstract booklet here.

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