Globalisation, overwhelming technological developments and the rigid division of labor in our capitalist societies have condemned a frustrated and forgotten working class, hampered by inequality. The recognition of the worker is essential in a world where only 15 % of global employees feels happy and completely engaged with their jobs. The main goal for our democracies is finding creative solutions to these challenges. In order to do that it is worth dusting off old ideas that come from a radically different time and from atypical and revolutionary thinkers.

In this article, which I recently published in Spanish for La Grieta and English for Political Critique, I review the thought of Fredy Perlman, a hard-to-label critical thinker and prominent figure of American anarchism.

The current debate on the disappearance of automated jobs, the new role of the machines and the development of a universal basic income, can be greatly enriched by Perlman’s philosophical foundation, helping us to envision a reform of our current system. We need a new and more lucid crystal to evaluate our present and look into our future…why not looking for it far from our time and from our capitalism?

Check out the article in English and Spanish here: Saving our jobs / Salvar el trabajo

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