Another week of political, economic and social tension around the world comes with new set of Diversions from the editorial team at the Public Sphere.

As the world is at crossroads in Syria following the use of chemical weapons by the Assad government (again), the Tweeter in Chief became a war president Thursday night by ordering cruise missile strikes in Syria. This definitely announces the end of Trump’s romance with Putin. “History has served up a rare second chance on Assad” argues Richard Haass (president of the Council on Foreign Relations) and the International community should not squander it. At the same time, Trump meets Xi Jinping in his Palm Beach resort, setting the tone for the relationship between the world’s two largest countries in terms of economic and political clout. Apart from a classic Trumpian awkward handshake (again), details from the meeting will surface in the coming days. In Ecuador, Lenín Boltaire Moreno has claimed victory in presidential elections, which makes one embassy squatter particularly happy. Finally, regarding Brexit news, it turns out that a quarter of a million British pets face ‘jail’ in Europe if Brexit talks fail. This tweet puts it all into perspective.

Beyond these headlines, it’s as important as ever to stay inspired and move forward. Check out what we’ve been reading and listening to this week, from groundbreaking books to the importance of taking a step back in our work and lives and our need to improve our emotional intelligence skills as a way to not get overtaken by machines. Enjoy!

As always, please get in touch with us if you’ve been inspired by an article/video/podcast/book you’ve encountered recently and want to see it featured here!

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