It was a big week for Europe. While leaders convened in the Italian capital to celebrate the Treaty of Rome’s 60th birthday, Theresa May “signed, sealed and delivered” her divorce papers saying ‘see EU later’.  As Frans Timmermans (vice-president of the European Commission) put it so well in his column for the FT, “nostalgia cannot make the harsh realities of the new world order go away” and even though Brexit means Brexit, Europeans must remain aware of their inevitable shared destiny and need for cooperation.

In light of this eventful week, the team at The Public Sphere have compiled a new list of articles to read, podcasts to listen to and videos to watch so that you can enjoy your weekend with a few inspirational readings and talks! From using mobile data to fight famine in Nigeria to the importance of being messy to spur innovation and creative thought in your own life, this week’s diversions brings interesting thoughts and ideas to broaden your policy perspectives.

Please get in touch with us if you’ve been inspired by an article/video/podcast/book you’ve encountered recently and want to see it featured here!

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